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Carpet Performance Guide

Quality without compromise

When it comes to making sure you'll love your carpet for years, finding the right color and style is very important. But your Beckler's sales representative would be the first to tell you that the fiber of your carpet and its construction are just as important. Because he or she knows that the way a carpet is made and what it's made of are the two things that determine how long it will keep its good looks. So talk with your Beckler's sales representative about where and how your carpet will be used, and he or she will help you find the best fiber and construction. Or, just read over the following information.

At Beckler's Flooring Center, we understand that selecting the right carpet involves more than just choosing a color and style; it's about finding a product that meets your lifestyle needs and endures over time. Here’s an in-depth look at how pile density plays a pivotal role in carpet performance:

  • What is Pile Density?: Pile density refers to the amount of fiber or yarn per square inch of carpet. It is determined by both the thickness of the fiber and how closely the fibers are tufted together. Higher density means more yarn is packed into the carpet, resulting in a more durable and resilient product.
  • Impact on Durability: Carpets with higher pile density are generally more durable and better suited for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms, and stairs. The closely packed fibers resist crushing and matting, maintaining their appearance and structure even under heavy use.
  • Comfort and Feel: High-density carpets not only last longer but also provide a firmer, more cushioned feel underfoot. This enhanced comfort is particularly appreciated in spaces where you spend a lot of time standing or walking, such as family rooms and bedrooms.
  • Insulation Properties: Dense carpets offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation. They help retain heat during colder months, making your home more energy-efficient, and they also reduce noise levels, creating a quieter, more peaceful environment.
  • Maintenance and Longevity: Higher pile density means the carpet is more resistant to dirt and wear. This translates to easier maintenance and a longer lifespan, ensuring that your investment continues to look great and perform well for many years.
  • Expert Guidance at Beckler's Flooring Center: At Beckler's Flooring Center, we provide expert advice to help you navigate the variety of carpet options available. Our knowledgeable staff can explain the benefits of different pile densities and how they relate to your specific needs and preferences. We aim to match you with a carpet that not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but also offers the durability and comfort you require.
  • Variety of Styles and Densities: We offer a broad selection of carpet styles, from plush and Saxony to Berber and frieze, each available in various densities to suit different functional requirements and design preferences. Whether you need a luxurious carpet for a formal living room or a robust option for a busy hallway, we have the perfect solution.
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Articles in the Beckler's Carpet Carpet Buyer's Guide

"Just about all of our sales representatives have spent their whole lives around carpet. So when a customer calls us on the phone or walks into our showroom, it's not like they're talking to someone who worked in fast food until yesterday. They're talking with people who really know about carpet and can help them out."

- Randy Beckler

Common myths about carpet protection.

While today's carpet is more durable than ever before, it's not quite as indestructible as some advertisements might have you to believe. Here's a couple of myths you should watch out for when you're making your carpet decision:

Myth #1: Some carpets are totally, absolutely, 100% stain resistant.

While today's carpet is definitely much more resistant to stains than carpet made ten years ago, no carpet can offer total stain protection. Even olefin and polyester carpets, which are, by nature, almost totally stain resistant, can be stained under certain circumstances. So be wary of any warranty that seems to claim total stain resistance.

Myth #2: Some carpets will look showroom-perfect forever.

While high-quality carpets will retain their original appearance longer than lower-quality carpets, no carpet can offer total appearance retention forever. Carpet can, in fact, lose its good looks from heavy traffic matting it down just as easily as it can lose them from staining. So, if you're carpeting a high-traffic area, look for high-quality carpet that offers some kind of appearance retention warranty. But understand that even the best carpet backed by the best warranty won't guarantee everlasting perfection

Carpet Padding

While it is a common belief that the only function of carpet padding (also known as cushion or underlay) is to make your carpet feel more plush when you walk on it, its function is much more important. Carpet padding is a shock absorber for the carpet yarn much like the shock absorbers on your automobile. This prevents premature wear of the carpet yarn and extends the life of your carpet.

To make sure you choose good quality carpet padding, ask about its density or ounce weight. (Foam pads are measured by density and fiber and rubber pads are measured by ounce weight.) The higher the density or ounce weight, the better the quality of the pad. And the better the quality of the pad, the more comfort and protection you'll have for your new carpet.

If you don't know the density of the padding under your current carpet, we suggest that you consider replacing that padding. That's because new padding of the proper density will protect the investment you're making in your new carpet. In addition, some carpet warranties specify that a specific density of padding must be used. In other words, to get the most performance from and protection for your new carpet, it makes good sense to replace your padding.

At Beckler's Flooring Center, we are dedicated to ensuring you find the ideal carpet that balances style, comfort, and performance, providing you with flooring that meets all your needs and stands the test of time. So, if you have any questions about which types of carpet protection and warranties are right for you, just call the professionals at Beckler's - 1-800-BECKLER (232-5537).

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