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Advantages of hardwood flooring in your home

Hardwood is one of the most highly sought-after flooring materials on the market today and historically. With many options for personalization, you’ll find something that matches your décor with the durability you want and need. The combination of an extensive lifespan, stunning visuals, and valuable benefits makes it a winning option for many homeowners.

Hardwood flooring that works for you

Selecting the right hardwood flooring type for your space is important. For instance, if you are flooring a basement area, you’ll want to select a well-engineered wood product, as the solid variety is never to be installed in below-grade spaces.

You should also be prepared to acclimate your hardwood flooring materials. This process usually takes one to three days, depending on the level of humidity in your home. Acclimation is essential in preventing buckling, warping, or cracking of your new floors.

Once you’ve picked the perfect material, you can move on to selecting an ideal species. Some are much harder than others and work best for areas with substantial foot traffic levels. Harder options also stand up better to children, pets, high heels, and other forms of daily wear that can otherwise cause damage.

Helping you find your perfect hardwood 

We work hard to assure that you find the flooring materials that are perfect for your preferences and requirements. To get started on your project, visit us today at our showroom in Dalton, GA. We proudly serve the residents of Dalton, Atlanta, and Rome, GA, as well as Chattanooga and Nashville, TN. When you’re ready to find the hardwood floor covering of your dreams, give us a call. Our professional flooring associates are ready to serve your flooring vision.

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