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Versatility of carpet

Carpet has are a variety of styles and textures, as well as a wealth of benefits that are perfect for any home or commercial place. Carpet flooring can be an option for spaces with light, medium, and even heavy foot traffic. The many benefits of carpet flooring include crushing resistance, built-in stain repellant, noise reduction, and of course enhanced comfort. We have every type of carpet to meet your flooring needs.

Types of carpet flooring

Carpet floor coverings come in a variety of fibers. Depending on your specific carpet flooring needs some types are a better fit than others. Below is a breakdown of the most popular carpet options.

  • Triexta is an excellent example of a durable, stain-resistant fiber that performs very well in a variety of settings.
  • Nylon has always been a perfect solution for homeowners looking for the best durability, lifespan, and value. It resists stains easily and for long periods.
  • Polyester is much like nylon, with the look of luxury as a colorful drawing feature for homeowners.
  • Wool, an all-natural fiber, brings great beauty, natural stain protection, and construction that truly lasts.
  • Pet-friendly materials that are hard to stain and damage, but very easy to clean. You’ll even note that these floors work to alleviate foul odors that can often be associated with pet accidents.

If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for, feel free to visit us and speak with our flooring specialists. We’ll help you find the perfect match, no matter your style or needs.
Luxury carpet in Dalton, GA from Beckler's Flooring Center

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