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Area rugs are the perfect fit for any room 

An area rug can be used in a variety of spaces. They are an excellent addition to many rooms, for both protection and design.

These rugs work well over several different materials, including both hard and soft flooring surfaces. Their mobility makes them easy to install and just as easy to take up again if necessary.

See what area rug have to offer

Area rugs can be used to protect the flooring underneath, and for stunning visuals in nearly every space.

For protection, these rugs are perfect under heavy furniture. They can prevent denting or crushing of your original floor covering. When you place them in heavily traveled areas, or in spaces where people come right in from out of doors, you’ll find that they intentionally trap and hold dirt and debris easily.

The aesthetic possibilities are nearly endless. Not only can you find a variety of shapes and sizes, but you’ll also get to choose from plenty of colors, fiber types, and backing materials, for the perfect look for any space. These pieces can work to downplay a room with busy visuals or create a focal point that brings the room together. For more information on how area rugs can work for your specific needs, call us today.

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Experience matters when selecting the perfect area rug. Since 1949, we have been serving the residents of Dalton, Atlanta, and Rome, GA, as well as Chattanooga and Nashville, TN with their particular area rug needs. When you are ready to get started, feel free to visit our showroom in Dalton, GA. From there, we are eager to help you find the perfect materials, offer expert advice, and extend our services for every space in your home.